Every sixth week we provide snack lunches through GAP Ministries at the Youth Resource Center for
young people in counseling after a first offense.
GAP MINISTRIES:  Our volunteers
assist in the programs of this community
ministry including summer camps for
opportunity deprived youth,
the annual GAP Walk-a-Thon and more.

COLUMBIA COUNTY CARES, operating under the Golden Harvest Food Bank,  is an ecumenical
non-profit organization that provides temporary, emergency relief to the unemployed, the underemployed,
the elderly on fixed income and single parents. No one with a legitimate need is refused help.  Dave
Iverson, a member of Saint Andrew, is the Pantry Director/Administrator, and many of our members
serve as volunteers.

Change 4 Children is an exciting missions program that engages everyone, no matter what their age,
in being a part of providing life giving assistance to orphans and abandoned children simply by collecting
change.   Adults collect change in beautiful handmade baskets crafted by village women in Zambia and
children collect their change in a “katumba,” a small pouch made of African cloth.  

PENNIES FOR MISSIONS: Those participating place a container on the dining
table and for each one eating a meal, put two cents in the container.  The pennies
are collected monthly on the first Sunday.  The funds collected go to the
Community Soup Kitchen.